Manor House Rooms

At De Zeven, our Manor House Rooms embody the pinnacle of luxury hospitality, offering amenities such as deluxe linen, air conditioning, and complimentary WiFi to ensure your utmost comfort. Each room within the Manor House presents its unique charm, varying in location and special features. Hence, when making your reservation, please specify your preferences, whether you desire a room equipped with a warm fireplace and private courtyard or one elevated for a more breathtaking view.

All our rooms are offered on a bed & breakfast basis to enhance your luxurious stay. In order to maintain an atmosphere of serenity and enjoyment for all our guests, no children under 16.

Comfort in your
private oasis.


– King size bed
– Coffee and tea
– Hairdryer
– Air conditioning
– No TV, but free WiFi throughout

Manor House Rooms Gallery

Room 1 Situated on the ground floor this room has a special homely feel. Views of the courtyard while you sit in front of the fireplace. Private garden with an outdoor bath allowing you to feel part of nature.

Manor House Room 2 is situated on the first floor. This suite has a separate lounge and bedroom. A shower that makes you feel like you are outdoors. A private balcony with limited views of the mountain “Botmaskop.
Room 3 is situated on the ground floor overlooking the main courtyard. Seating area looking out into the main courtyard towards the mountains. Big veranda doors. The bathroom has a beautiful open plan bath & shower from which you can still enjoy the views.
Room 4 situated on the first floor allows you views from every window with a large sitting area. The bath open plan to the seating area allows you to see the mountains while chatting to your loved one.

Room 5 situated on the first floor. Beautiful views over the main courtyard towards the Drakenstein and Simonsberg mountains. Bathroom consists of a large shower.

Manor House Room 6 is situated on the first floor. Beautiful views over the main courtyard towards the Simonsberg and Drakenstein mountains. This room has a separate shower and bath.
Room 7 is situated on the first floor. Wake-up to the breathtaking views of the sun rising over the Drakenstein mountains and at sunset watch as the mountain turns shades of pink and purple. This room has a separate shower and bath.

Resident Manager

Your journey at De Zeven commences with a relaxed, personalized check-in and continues seamlessly under the diligent care of our resident manager. We’re available to assist you with any minor concerns, provide tailored recommendations and reservations that align with your preferences and interests.